Monday, July 28, 2008

the latest news from davood bagheri

we have got news that Davood has been transfered to a high security prison, located 15 kilometer outside campe ghazi osman pasha zendane kerk el dar 15 km e edirne. he is kept in a solitary cell and apparently he's been beaten, and has been in very bad shape when the person who called us saw him.
this prison is a notorious jail and usually when refugee's are taken there, they are deported back.
we are very afraid for Davood. the person who called was afraid to reveal his identity. his strong guess was that Davood is under interrogations and is tortured.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Davood bagheri has been transferrd to an unknown place .

Davood bagheri has been transferrd to an unknown place .
campaign To save davood bagheri : yesterday 25th july 2008 at 2 oclock in the afternoon , davood bagheri has been transfered to an unknown place by foreigner department of Edirneh police & till now there is no news from him. This matter is so oppressive . despite of united nations' promise , that they wont deport davood to iran , it persumes that Turkey goverment will do it intractably or because of his hunger strike put him on impact. Hereby we ask all who endeavor for davood's freedom , impact on turkish primeministry & other united nations & human rights organizations to specify the situatuion of this freedom & equality seeking activist & for his urgent freedom & not deporting him to Iran.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sad news about Davod Bagheri from a prison in Turkey

We have just been informed that regrettably Mr Dawood Bagheri, a, member of the “Freedom and Equality Seeking Students” movement who had fled to Turkey four months ago, has attempted to commit suicide. He is now kept at the Aderneh Prison’s hospital.
The unbearable detention condition and the inhumane treatment at the hands of the Turkish detention guards pushed Mr Bagheri towards despair and suicide.
Mr Bagheri was a student activist and following the Iranian authorities’ crack down on student movements in December 2007 was forced to flee Iran.
We call on all pro-human rights organisation s and the United nations High Commission for Refugee to urgently intervene to save the life of Dawood Bagheri.
Freedom and Equality Seeking StudentsJuly 11, 2008