Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Call for Supporting the Campaign to free Davood Bagheri, Iranian Imprisoned activist in Turkey

freedom and equality seeking students The Call for Supporting the Campaign to free Davood Bagheri, Iranian Imprisoned activist in Turkey
Active member of the Freedom and Equality Seeking Students Movement, Davood Bagheri was forced to flee Iran on winter 200…, after the recent wave of crackdowns on the group by the Islamic government's Intelligence Service agents. Mr. Bagheri arrived in Turkey with the intention to seek asylum where he was captured by the police before he was able to inform UNHCR about his condition in that country. He has been kept in Aderna’s refugee camp under horrific conditions since.
It is in our best knowledge and belief that the Turkey government and the police have acted against Amnesty International’s Refugee Commissary’s Laws and Regulations. Freedom and Equality Seeking Students urge all Human Rights activists and all who believe in social justice and the rights of people who under the threat of their country of origin seek refuge in safer parts of the world, to join this campaign and help us free him from the refugee camp detention center. Davood Bagheri has been treated harshly and brutally in this camp since he was taken into custody. He has attempted suicide in the camp where detainees take their own life as the shortest way to free themselves from the horrors and their hopeless situation in that center.
freedom and equality seeking students

Release Davood Bagheri from turkey's prison

Davood Bagheri , student activist, writer, chief-editor of Bee-Nahayat magazine in Tehran University, fled Iran through boarder mountains and was arrested by Turkey’s police in Istanbul, before he could report himself to UN. He is kept in Aderne’s refugee detention camp since April 5, 2008. He is under severe pressure from jail-keepers. Has committed suicide once out of desperation. A few of his friends were forced by jail-keepers to leave the camp and Turkey’s land and cross the river to Iraq. 2 of them were drawn because they didn’t know how to swim. The situation in this camp is horrible. He is beaten and pressured everyday where assaulting the refugees is considered a causal act and prisoners commit suicide almost daily and take their own life. There has been nothing done for Davood yet through international human rights organisations.

A lettre to amnesty from Freedom and Equality Seeking Students

Date: 14th May 2008
To: Head of Amnesty International –The Middle East Office
Dear Sir/Madam
As you are aware, a few months ago and in commemoration of the student day in Iran, which is held annually by students of universities across the country, more than 50 leftist students were arrested and imprisoned in solitary cells in the infamous Evin prison in Tehran. Their charge was "actions against the Islamic Republic’s internal and external policies". Many of the imprisoned students were tortured, physically and psychologically. The luckiest were kept in solitary confinement for more than 50 days. The Islamic Republic’s response to a student protest and the level of suppression that followed the event was unique in the way that the security forces kidnapped the students from their classes and took them directly to detention rooms and torture chambers.
Following this new wave of suppression of the activists of the social movements, a number of activists left Iran illegally, to save their lives and the lives of others related to them. A few of these students, Vahid Vali zadeh, member of editorial of Khak a well known student journal; Mazdak Tusinejad student activist who was arrested a few years ago for his connection and support of bus drivers union in Iran; Davood Bagheri student activist and member of Khak’s board of editors, a very well known student journal; and Hooman Kazemian student activist and well known leftist artist who has been kidnapped, detained and tortured several times by the secret police of the regime.
We the undersigned, appreciate Amnesty International efforts in supporting the imprisoned students, and request its much needed continuous support for the above mentioned who are currently seeking asylum in Turkey. They are in urgent need in terms of their asylum applications. Considering the security agreements between Iran and Turkey governments, we are gravely concerned about the possibility of deporting them to Iran by Turkey’s security forces and government’s officials.
Deportation of these activists has life threatening consequences for them. Therefore, our request is to please take necessary actions with regards to UNHCR and the Turkish Immigration authorities in order to speed up the asylum process of these activists and their immediate transfer to a safe country. Your humanitarian actions is extremely important for saving the lives of innocent individuals who have not committed any crimes but defending their basic human rights regarding freedom and equality.
Thank you in anticipation,
Yours sincerely,
-Behzad Bagheri
-Behruz Karimi zadeh
-Amin Ghazaye
-Peyman Piran
-Majid Ashraf Nejad
And other Freedom and Equality Seeking Students