Sunday, June 8, 2008

Release Davood Bagheri from turkey's prison

Davood Bagheri , student activist, writer, chief-editor of Bee-Nahayat magazine in Tehran University, fled Iran through boarder mountains and was arrested by Turkey’s police in Istanbul, before he could report himself to UN. He is kept in Aderne’s refugee detention camp since April 5, 2008. He is under severe pressure from jail-keepers. Has committed suicide once out of desperation. A few of his friends were forced by jail-keepers to leave the camp and Turkey’s land and cross the river to Iraq. 2 of them were drawn because they didn’t know how to swim. The situation in this camp is horrible. He is beaten and pressured everyday where assaulting the refugees is considered a causal act and prisoners commit suicide almost daily and take their own life. There has been nothing done for Davood yet through international human rights organisations.

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