Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Freedom and Equality Seeking students

Freedom and Equality Seeking students, related to radical left, is a group of Marxist students in Iran`s universities. Through Marxian analysis of Iranian contemporary society, the group began its activities against dominant classes and their ideological apparatus in the beginning the new millennium. After the bloody repressions of leftist groups in the early 1980`s, what can be called a political genocide (and what is largely overlooked in the contemporary history), the group began its activities on 2006. Their aim was to form a network in universities nationwide to follow up and actualize trade and political requirements of students and fill up the need for an student guild in the country and to abolish the military occupancy of the universities in Iran. The two essential slogans in the student day, Azar 16, was No to War, and Free Universities from Invading Military Forces. The students promoted their opinion and their theory through articles published in university based magazines, and local newspapers in various cities in Iran, and in literary sites such as Art Cult and Mind Motor. One of DAB’s (Freedom and Equality Seeking Students) most important undertakings were demonstrations in dates such as Azar 16 (the national student’s day), May 1, and March 8. On the last event, Azar 16 1386, 2007, the event was exceptionally huge, celebrated country-wide by university students, and very effective especially because the leaders of the group were all arrested and taken to jail 3 days prior to the event.
All together about 70 people were arrested including friends and relatives of the group members. Those not belonged to the group were let out after a week or so. 60 of the group members were released with very heavy bails and are awaiting trial for their alleged crimes. There are news that there are nubeliebly heavy sentences tailored for the members and the leaders of the group, whom had only practiced their freedom of expression in a very peaceful manner within the limits of the constitution. 4 of the leaders and the masterminds of the group are still in jail and still under horrendous tortures.
Behruz KarimiZadeh, is now kept in ward 209, Evin prison. He is suffering from anal and internal hemorrhage . His right ear is deaf, and bleeding. His bail is set on 300.000 dollars, an amount beyond his family’s dream. Peyman Piran, is losing his eyesight. He is having difficulty walking, and his shoulder blade is damaged because of being hanged by the hands for long hours, he is kept at ward 350, Evin prison. Ali Kantoury) couldn’t be recognized by his colleagues, he is terribly sick and suffering from skin disease, constant vomiting and difficulty breathing, all of which occurred while in jail. He is kept in Rajayee Shahr prison, a notorious prison were political prisoners are sent were they are regularly hurt and attacked by criminal inmates instructed by the jail-keepers to punish political prisoners. Majid PourMaajed was knifed while walking in the streets of Tabriz. He was kidnapped a week later and was taken to jail. In a matter of 10 days he was taken to a hospital in Tabriz, unconscious. The specialist who visited him said to the press that PourMajed’s arms were covered by cigarette burns, and he urinated blood because of hot-rod inserted in his genitals, he was constantly vomiting. He was still in coma 3 days later when he was transferred again by the intelligent service agents to an un-known place.
Another one of the leaders of the group, Amin Ghaza’ee, for whom the Amnesty International and PEN International have give out statements expressing concern on the wellbeing of the writer in prison, is released on a bail 50.000 dollars. He is awaiting trial along with his friends. There news that these student and political activists, all between 20 to 25 years old, are facing heavy sentences, either execution or up to 20 years in jail. The allegation fabricated for the group leaders, such as apostasy and attempting to overthrow the regime and having connection with the outside opposition groups, are each punished by death according to the Islamic laws practiced in Islamic Republic of Iran. The group fears that when the allegations are presented in the court, there is not much time to prove the allegation hoax, and to rescue these victims of the Iranian regime’s wreath against the opposition mind.
Also, there are members of the group trying to flee Iran. Some are wandering on the borders to cross over, and some are seeking asylum in Turkey, some have reached a European country. They are all in need of financial and immigration help and must be taken to safe homes or countries.
Up until now, only the Human Rights Watch has shown concern with disbursing an statement of concern over the possibility of the students being tortured.
The group needs media and international attention since because of their beliefs they are not favored by Iranian Moslims, Liberal, and not even by the leftist living abroad since 1979, the reason, the group believes is because of misunderstanding their views on Marxism. It seems that they are being boycotted by the media, and the key organization which should take action at time like this to defend such prisoners of conscience falling victim to such tortures only to confess to crimes which they have never done. The students, admittedly secular, have been taken on a very open-minded approach towards Marxist teachings and are sensitive about individual and civil rights. They believe equality and freedom is essential for a nation’s well being, they believe civil and constitutional rights for racial, ethnic, religious, gender and sexual minority groups is in line with human rights and must be practiced in their motherland, Iran.
The group never attempted to overthrow the government of Iran, never attempted to give way to foreign countries to interfere with Iran’s affairs, never attempted to attack the regime armed or not। They are in need of international media and individual, Marxist or humanitarian organizations’ attention and assistance.
Hooman kazemian

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Always said...

I am a true believer in freedom of people. But if there are any big players, involved in this movement count me out.

My serious question; as you call yourselves Marxists, how much Russian or US money you get to help you out in this movement? Hope you reply to me at my email address alwaysshariff(at)yahoo.co.uk