Saturday, May 17, 2008

not forget we’re the result of a millennium of the war of classes(studentes for freedom and equality)

A mere question was the first encounter the Islamic Republic’s governing body, the right-wing, and the liberal affiliated media had with the radical left students inside universities. This question, asked out of sheer delirium, was rather simple: what are the reasons behind the emergent of communist students’ movement in universities? Or, considering the massacre of one generation and the vacuum of a whole decade, where did the communist students come from? Foolish answers were offered; some linked the phenomenon with the publications of Marxist Materials; some thought it was the next generation of the traditional left growing up; some were certain it was a ploy Islamic fundamentalist played to cripple the reformists and such. If anyone cared to ask why communist parties exist in the west, the response would be the account of a millennium. But the scope of the leftist students in Iran, known as The Freedom and Equality Seeker Students, established itself within four years only and gathered hundreds of members and organized tens of demonstrations and published tens of magazines. And all these took place at a time when there were no leftist-affiliated movements and no specific slogans supporting workers claims inside universities. Reformists with an eye for power and linked to the government had turned student movement into an axis for their political and election enterprises. The leftist students managed their achievements at a time when the group faced sever oppressions and the horrible ghost of apostasy and execution followed them closely.
Freedom and Equality Seeker Students are present in universities across country and are active in numerous non-governmental organizations, workers and students formations. They have members and devotees whom act in the usual way of recruiting new cells, expending the membership by invoking in people the sense to care and consider hideous reality of oppression of the masses; there is no magical skill into it. An all powerful leader is non-existent. There is noting such as financial or other means support from anywhere anyhow. The reason behind the sprouting out of communism in Iran could be found only in the fact of the social gap and the war of the classes. The group, in its entirety, is the representative of the workers class in a war of classes within universities. Why there? Because university is a tiny little crack in the suffocating oppression of the Islamic Republic of Iran. There is no way to believe in the war of the classes. What took place in Iran is a small example of an immense reality: the communist party and it’s struggle is not the reminiscence of the past traditions, it is and it must be the voice of today’s workers’, intend to build a future. In this war of classes, the movements of students, workers, and women are three very crucial fronts to conquer bourgeois stances. Until the war of classes exists, communism exists. It could be only an inspiration at one time and a powerful political party at another, but anyhow, the revolutionary communist party is the most refined manifestation of the workers class. This has been a conclusion communist students of Iran reached on their own. This conclusion was a necessity earned in the process of their struggle.
It might be interesting to know that the repression machine of the Islamic Republic of Iran, meaning the Ministry of Intelligence, did not consider the left wing of the student movement worth of attention up until the year 2006. But when on 2005 and 06 hundreds of students took to streets all of a sudden, chanting and holding communist slogans and shook the university of Tehran, when the group organized their protest on 2006 and gathered more than a thousand to attend, the regime abruptly attacked and arrested the leftist students far and wide. The likes of these arrests were un- heard of after 1998. Even though 30 of the core member of the group were arrested, the demonstration was held full force. All together there were 60 people arrested at the end and tormented by horrible middle-ages means of tortures and were kept for months in solitary cells. But the governing body of the regime failed to crush the movement. One of the arrested colleagues of mine told me that his interrogator confessed to him with these words: “Your group is like a rope, there is no end to it as much as we pull.”
It’s also significant to mention that the movement of Freedom and Equality Seeker students, although young and very recent but in no way it is un-experienced, or immature, or fanatic, or militant, or depended only on pragmatics. On the contrary, the left wing of the radical students, names such as Behrouz KarimiZadeh, Amin Ghaza’ee, Kaveh Abasian, Behzad Bagheri, Peyman Piran, … wrote extensively in Kahk Magazine and other publications and published their analysis over various social issues; their ideas still reflects widely inside Iran. But this was only to attract forces and to identify appropriate strategies and mottos. As a matter of fact this movement is not known by its extreme actions; it movement began its way slowly and timely and that was the reason the Ministry of Intelligence did not manage to notice the dangers caused by the spreading of their ideas soon enough.
At the end, I would like to add that this was not my intention to write a piece defending the communist students of Iran or to prop them up .All I wish to express is this: Let’s not forget we’re the result of a millennium of the war of classes. Let’s not forget the rightfulness of our cause. Necessity and reality of the war of classes keeps the fire of the struggle aflame, only we must become the tool for the workers’ class to reach power and therefore reach the absolute success in the end.

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