Sunday, March 1, 2009

Agents Attacked Amin Ghaza'ee's Residence and Arrested 4 «FESS» Students

In an attack to Amin Ghaza’ee’s home, this morning, Sunday, March 1, 09, government agents arrested 4 student activists Amir Hoesein MohamadiFar, Sanaz Allahiari, Maryam Sheikh, Nasim Rashana’ee. All four have been taken to an un-known place and there is no news of their whereabouts yet. The reason for the crackdown was to arrest Amin Ghaza’ee, well-known essayist/translator, and the master mind of the intellectual freedom and equality-seeking students of Iran. Amin Ghaza’ee managed to escape and at present he is hiding without a trace. There is no news where he might be but the government agents are sifting Tehran’s neighbourhoods to catch him. Iranian activists, along with the new age intellectuals who are writing the literature today, are terrified by the news. Amin Ghaza’ee was released last year on bail. The rest of his colleagues who are still in jail have got capital punishment. He will have the same verdict if he is caught this time.

We are asking the international believers and activists of human rights to raise awareness regarding his case, and to find ways to assist him into freedom.

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