Friday, February 1, 2008

16th February 2008 the International Day

16th February 2008 the International
Protest Day against the Islamic Republic of Iran!

A Call from Freedom &
Equality Seeking Students:

Freedom –lovers of the World!

The persecution, arrest, imprisonment and brutal torture of the freedom and equality seeking students in Iran continue. While more than 40 students are still detained, the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrested ten more students who were gathered in Tehran to discuss their joint actions for the release of their jailed comrades. In their recent attacks, the security forces of the Islamic republic of Iran have persecuted, abducted and imprisoned a number of students in the cities of Mashad, Mariwan, Ghazvin and Isfahan.

The Islamic regime tries to terrorise the newly arrested students by showing them how savagely it has tortured the previously arrested student leaders and activist of the freedom and equality seeking student movement. The Islamic Republic has murdered Ibrahim Lotfollahi under torture in the city of Sanandaj. The regime shows to our recently arrested comrades, the student leaders Peyman Piran, with broken leg and shoulder and Behruz Karimi Zadeh with deep fresh wounds on his body in order to terrorise them. The torture machinery of regime works heavily to make students under torture to confess on TV shows to actions they have never taken. They try to make our comrades whose crime is nothing but defending freedom and equality to confess to connection with the opposition parties abroad.

Under the international pressure, the Islamic Republic has had to release a few of our comrades on very heavy bails. The Islamic regime has terrorised and tortured the few released students before releasing them in order to suppress our movement. The families of our jailed comrades are under immense pressure from the Islamic regime.

Freedom – loving People!

Today, we, our jailed comrades, their families and the movement for freedom and equality need your support more than any other time. You warmly responded to our calls for support on 22nd and 28th December 2008. The freedom and equality seeking students appreciate your support. The international actions on 28th December 2008 were a great success in sending the voice of freedom and equality in Iran across the world. This is not enough as the students are still in torture chambers and freedom and equality movement is suppressed by the security forces of the Islamic regime. We must push this wave of suppression back and free the students. To achieve this, we need all your support.

Therefore we call the 16th February the international day to put pressure on the Islamic republic of Iran to release all jailed students. We call you wherever you are to join this effort to empower this movement for freedom of all our comrades, and to put an immediate end to all torture and suppression of freedom and equality seeking people in Iran.

Future is Ours!
Long live Freedom!
Long live Equality!

Freedom & Equality Seeking University Students across Iran

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