Monday, March 24, 2008

Release behrooz karimizadeh

Dear Comrades,
On the arrival of the new year in Iran some of the Equality and Freedom Seeking University Students are still kept in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran the capital of the country, due to their families' inability to provide the incredibly high bills - US$ 400,000 dollars. The only solution remained for their families is to buy the bills,i.e., to pay one tenth of the amount of the land or house so that the owner let the property be used for that perpose. They could have so far gather about half of the amount. If you happen to be able to help in any way or know someone who may do that please do not hesitate to send your money to the HSBC account introduced in
which is the official site of these students. They are in poor health conditions and the authorities have threatened the families to send their children to the general ward where all different criminals are kept.

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