Monday, March 31, 2008

Release peyman piran

We have been informed that the life of Mr. Peyman Piran an Iranian Student Activist who from months ago is imprisoned by the Secret Services of the Islamic Republic of Iran; is seriously in danger.Mr. Peyman Piran, who is imprisoned from months ago, has been tolerating brutal tortures of the middle ages forms used in interrogations. His health condition is terribly poor, his right shoulder and leg are badly damaged due to constant hanging of the body, and the beatings. We would like to bring this matter to Iranians and the entire humanitarian organizations' attention. Based on the latest news released by reliable sources three Iranian student activists including Mr. Peyman Piran, Mr. Berooz Karimizadeh, and Mr. Ali Kantoori have been transferred since this morning and are taken from the section 209 of Evin Prison Tehran, Iran to the quarantine section of the same prison.
Please help us prevent another tragedy by the Islamic Republic against the people of Iranian

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