Thursday, January 17, 2008

Amin Ghaza’ee was arrested ...

Amin Ghaza’ee, Iranian Marxist thinker, a prominent translator of Marxism into Farsi culture was arrested on Monday, January 14, 2008 by the Ministry of Intelligence agents of Islamic Republic of Iran. Amin Ghaza’ee, along with 15 more of leftist students were attacked in a gathering aimed to peacefully discuss and consider ways to support their friends and colleagues who were arrested more then 45 days ago taken to an unknown place by the agents of the same Ministry. Although the exact number of the students arrested in the gathering on Monday is not known yet, some say up to 15 names have been confirmed by family and friends.
Amin Ghaza’ee’s arrest is especially taken central to the occasion as he is not known as an activist but a keen penman who spent years of his young life to spread ideas by authoring and interpreting theories making it rather available and make sense in Farsi. His arrest has brought about much tension inside Iranian new generation of literary community.

It would be greatly appreciated if the news about Ghaza’ee’s fate in prison, and his colleagues whose names is provided at the end of this letter, be considered and followed up by your organization.

Amin Ghaza’ee
Anahita Hoseini
Bita SamimiZad
Bizhan Sabbagh
Behzad Bagheri
Mohamad PourAbdollah
Morteza Eslahchi
Morteza khedmatloo
Soroush Sabet
Soroush Dashtestani

Your very Sincerely


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