Sunday, January 20, 2008

the Iranian philosopher was arrested

Amin Ghazaei (1979), the Iranian philosopher, ideologist and translator and a prominent, active personality of the leftist students’ and academicians’ movement, was arrested on January 14th 2008 by the intelligence service of the Islamic Republic, which, two days later, ransacked his house and investigated his private rooms.
Earlier last year, during the December 4th 2007 protests held on campuses of Iranian Universities, including the especially prominent demonstrations at the University of Teheran, over 40 leftist students were arrested. Facts underscore that the second wave of arrests commenced this week. The arrests include that of Amin Ghazaei and eight other students and academicians.
Amin Ghazaei, the chief editor of the electronic journal ArtCult, is exceptional because he has never delivered his works to the Islamic Republic’s censorship administration (the Ershad) for approval. His many articles were published broadly by respected Farsi internet journals, e.g. MindMotor, màjàlehye she’r dàr honàre nevisesh, and dàvat. Two of his most prominent books and theses are No Happening (hich ettefagh) and Truth (hàghighàt).
Amin Ghazaei, who is also executive editor of the àndisheh (Thought) editorials of màjàlehye she’r, has recently written co-authored (with Babàk Sàlimizadeh) the book honàre mossàllah (Armed Art). Parts of the book have been already published by internet media.
In addition to his own works, the ideologist, Aimn Ghazaei, has made essential contributions to literature by translating and publishing banned books in Farsi, for example: Seduction by Jean Baudrillard, Gender Trouble by Judith Butler, and Cyborg-Manifest by Donna Haraway. The first two books are now under print by nàshre she’re paris and nàshre ketabhaye jibiye iran (an Iran Open Publishing Group Editorial).
Amin Ghazaei’s general health is poor. His present location and medical condition following the arrest by the intelligence service of the Islamic Republic is still completely unknown. From similar cases we suspect that he is currently subjected to physical and mental torture, with possibly irreversible traumatic consequences.
Short list of most recent articles by Amin Ghazaei
-The Family Machine
-A Ghost Over The Bed
-Sadistic Writing
-Interior Of The Mirror
-The Words On The Gravestone
-The Libidinal Holocaust
-Postmodernism: Rewriting Of Hegemony
-The Knees Of The Mass
-What Is Armed Art, Armed With?
-The Children Society

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