Sunday, January 6, 2008

An Open Letter to His Excellency, Mr. Ban ki-Moon

An Open Letter to His Excellency, Mr. Ban ki-Moon

Your Excellency:

You are certainly aware that a lot of Iranian political prisoners were executed in Islamic Republic prisons in Summer 1367 right after the confirmation and signature of Resolution No. 598 concerning the stopping of hostility between Iran and Iraq. These prisoners were all buried in mass graves. This project which was in continuation of execution of Iranian political prisoners, particularly the leftists in 1360, has been one of the most catastrophic genocides ever taken place. It has been also in continuation of the vast project of the Chain Murders. It is necessary to mention that the reports of Amnesty International has confirmed the vast measures of this tragedy. However, other international organizations and human rights organizations have been generally silent about this tragic situation. The horrible measures of this crime against humanity have not clearly been disclosed to the people of Iran and the world.

Your Excellency:
It should be mentioned that at the beginning of the commemoration of University Students’ Day on 7th December 2007, more than 40 leftist students of Iran universities intending to celebrate the University Students’ Day, according to an old tradition held in Iranian universities every year, were unknowingly arrested by Security Officials of Islamic Republic Regime. These arrests still continue. Certainly, you know that the Marxist and socialist students of Iran, constantly volunteer to fight against war, dictatorship, and foreign power’s domination. They are forerunners in pursuing persistently the democratic demands through the university students’ protests. But the Islamic Republic having exercised violent and oppressive fights against the Iranian students has made vast actions by kidnapping and arresting the students. No acceptable reasons were given by the jurisdiction authorities and Islamic Republic Information and Security Officials why they have arrested and accused students of unclear charges and where they are being imprisoned.

Your Excellency:
The numerous reports presented annually by the United Nations Human Rights Watch and Organization of International Amnesty indicate clearly the abolishment of human basic rights in Iran including the freedom of idea and expression , prohibition of torturing, having right to protest and right to hold the meeting s and so on. The most important issue is the awful conditions of political prisoners jailed in prisons of Islamic Republic of Iran. The political prisoners in Iran are accused of unacceptable illogical charges since there is no given definition of political crime according to Islamic regulations in Iran. The recently arrested Iranian university students are not excepted from this.

Your Excellency:
Considering what has been mentioned above, the families of all Iranian university students recently arrested, all democratic students, social activists, writers and true supporters of human rights have the right to become extremely worried about their dear children in the prisons of Islamic Republic Regime. As you are entitled the first person in the UN, you are obliged to question and impeach the governments all over the world for their exercise of suppression, suffocation and violation of nations’ rights and pursue earnestly the situation of people in Iran as well as you do in other countries.

Your Excellency:
We the signers below request you to take immediate and necessary actions to free the arrested students to prevent the tragic deaths of more victims in oppressive governments.
Freedom and equality- seeking university students in Iran
In the following you may find a partial list of the students arrested. We can never claim to have a full list of the students as the authorities have never issued a complete list of the detainees.

Mehdi Gerailoo- University of Tehran

Nader Ahsani - Ex-student of the University of Mazandaran

Anoosheh Azadbar - University of Tehran

Ilnaz Jamshidi - Azad University of Tehran

Behrooz Karimizadeh - Expelled student of the University of Tehran

Saeed Habibi - Ex-student of the Sharif University of Technology

Ali Salem - Amirkabir University of Technology

Milad Omrani - Shahid Rajayi Teacher Training University

Abed Tavancheh - Expelled student of Amirkabir University of Technology

Yaser Pirhayati - Shahed University

Roozbeh Safshekan - University of Tehran

Saeed Aghamali - Art University of Yazd

Roozbehan Amiri - University of Tehran

Nasim Soltanbeigi - Allame Tabataba'ee University

Mahsa Mohebbi-Released

Keyvan Amiri - Sharif University of Technology

Hadi Salari - Shahid Rajayi Teacher Training University

Amir Aghayi - Shahid Rajayi Teacher Training University

Farshid Farhadi Ahangaran - Shahid Rajayi Teacher Training University

Mohsen Ghamin - Amirkabir University of Technology

Soroosh Hashempoor - Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

Hamed Mohammadi - University of Mazandaran - Released

Arash Pakzad - University of Mazandaran

Hassan Maarefi - University of Mazandaran - Released

Behrang Zandi - University of Mazandaran - Released

Peyman Piran

Majid Ashrafnejad - Shahid Rajayi Teacher Training University

Ali Kalayi - Azad University

Amir MehrzadShoan merikhi- University of Mazandaran

Sara Khademi- University of Mazandaran - Released

Nima Nahvi-Technical University of Babol-Released

Mohammad Saleh Ayuman- Graduate student of Political Science

Sohrab Karimi- Graduate student of Political Science

Farshad Dustipour- Mechanical Engineering

Javad Alizadeh- Graduate Student of Political Science

Parsa kormanjiyan- Azad University of Kermanshah - Released

Alireza Heidari- Azad University of Kermanshah - Released

Bahram Shojaii- Azad University of TehranYounes

MirHoseini- Bahonar University of Shiraz -Released

Milad Moini – University of Mazandaran - Released

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