Friday, December 21, 2007

hands off the people of iran (Hopi launch conference):

The Iranian Student Movementsubmitted by Communist Students
1. Conference notes that:1.1 The student movement in Iran has mobilised huge support around radical slogans such as "No to war! Death to the Dictator!" "Hands Off The People Of Iran" "Socialism or Barbarism" and "Freedom and Equality." 1.2 The radicalism and militancy of the student movement has in no way been dampened by the regime's threats, intimidation and arrests of student activists. 1.3 Although 45 leading activists were arrested in the run-up to the recent Student's Day Demonstrations at Tehran University, around 700 protesters defiantly marched against war and repression in Iran1.4 HOPI student supporters, particularly those in and around Communist Students, are in close contact with radical students in Iran.2. Conference believes that:2.1 HOPI supporters should look to campaign for the immediate release of the imprisoned students and help to build active solidarity with the Iranian students' struggles.3. Conference resolves to:3.1 Organise a HOPI speaking tour across British universities to build the HOPI campaign and to raise awareness of this and other radical anti-war movements in Iran 3.2 Hold regular fund-raising activities for students in Iran
3.3 Where possible, look to co-ordinate action and protests with Iranian students – especially on International Women's Day and Student's Day (December 4) Ben Lewis, Communist Students

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