Friday, December 28, 2007

No to US imperialist military intervention in Iran! No to the reactionary Islamic Republic of Iran!”

We have a voice!
We are an echo of the struggle of the people of the world against the politics of invasion and US imperialism’s military intervention in Iran!We are the voice of the Iranian people against the Islamic Republic of Iran!We are the voice of workers, women, teachers, students, and oppressed nations against foreignintervention and internal tyranny!We are the voice of the leftist students of Iran, an ever-growing force that aims “to organize anation-wide movement against foreign intervention and wars, as well as internal tyranny and suppression.”We “are determined to inform people of horrors such as war, but at the same time target the reactionary Islamic Republic” and “are for the basic rights of workers, toilers and oppressed nations, as well as for the liberation of women and separation of religion from the state.”At the moment, Bush and his European allies, as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran, are trying to convince people that our only choice is between neo-liberal slavery and Islamic fundamentalism. It is up to those who believe in freedom to create and fortify a new path, a new way of thinking. Imperialists and Islamic fundamentalists are two faces of the same system and any support given to one will in reality and inevitably lead to strengthening the other.At the moment, imperialist states and the reactionary religious fundamentalists are pitting people against each other in the Middle East and at the same time, they are unleashing racist and xenophobic forces against refugees, immigrants and Muslims in Europe. In such a situation, it is all the more urgent for the oppressed people of the world to raise their own independent voice, and unite further against backward religious forces in the Middle East, racism, warmongering and imperialist occupation.On 22 December 2007, in a demonstration in front of both the US and Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) embassies in Brussels, we will raise the independent voice of the people of the world. Join us against war, neo-liberal globalization, and imperialism. Join us in support of the Iranian people against the IRI. Join us in defence of the student movement of Iran and the commemoration of the Student Day (when in 1953 three students were killed by the Shah’s army for opposing a CIA-sponsored coup in Iran, on the day the US [vice] president Nixon was visiting the country.)Join us to raise the banner of internationalist solidarity for a world without war, injustice oppression and exploitation!

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