Friday, December 21, 2007


Proclamation of the arrests on the University Students’ Day
On the threshold of the 16th of Azar (December 7) the University Students’ Day in Iran, more than 30 “Equality and Freedom-seeking Students” have been arrested. Surprisingly, 16th of Azar – the symbol of the struggle against dictatorship of the ex-imperial regime – is not tolerated by the Islamic Government either.What has happened during this ceremony – the main pivot of which was the opposition with war and sanction – is the repetition of the same scenes of the previous government.The commemoration of the University Students’ Day is the tradition of more than 50 years and the ones who have been arrested this year are the most honest children of our country. We want the unconditional and immediate release of our captivated students.
Seeking Committee for the Freedom of the University Students
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