Friday, December 21, 2007

A Letter to the People of the World

A Letter to the People of the World
December 2007
In the name of Freedom, Humanity, and JusticeStudents, Workers and People of the World!In the past week, more than 43 leftist students in Iran were arrested by the Islamic Republic government security forces before and after the annual demonstration of the Students’ Day at the University of Tehran. Most of them, as claimed by the Islamic Republic Security Service are kept at the security prison of Evin. Right now, even more students and political activists are being arrested.This was some how rare in the general atmosphere of political activity in Iran after the Islamic Revolution; but it seems very important and forcemajor for the Islamic Republic regime to END left activities and push back all the opposition radical forces from political balance in Iran.People of the World!The arrested students were all against any war-making policies throughout the world – as they shouted at the University of Tehran, December 4th, 2007 – but it seems that the Islamic regime is seeking a vaster cold war inside Iran. They started by opposing State of War on the leftist students. The next will-be-deleted activities will be workers, teachers, women and all the human rights activists. This is the repetition of the same last scenes of the previous government in Iran.People of the World!We want the unconditioned and immediate release of our captivated friends. We require more and even more foreign and domestic pressure on the Islamic Republic government. Every one declaration, protest, petition and letter from the human rights activists, political parties, independent activists and etc all over the world will help and is appreciated by the Iranian under-pressure people.
Long Live Freedom!
Long Live Equality!

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