Friday, December 21, 2007

To Iranian Consulate in Kurdestan Iraq - Erbil

To: leader of the Islamic republic (ayatollah seyed ali khamenye)
President mahmoud ahmadinejadMinistry of lntelligence (gholam hossyen mohsenie ejeye)
Iran embassy in eraq
To: embassador (hassa kazemye ghomieiranian)
consulate in kurdestan eraq-erbil

On the verge of commemorating 16thof Azar (Dec. 7), the student day in Iran, the body of the students’ movement, striving for freedom and equality, strongly believes in the importance of collaborating of all social movements such as the workers’ and the women’s movement in today Iran . The students have organized Sit-In protests In Tehran university and other universities in Iran as an attempt to achieve their civil and political rights.These leftist-affiliated students objected the widely violation of their rights, and the persecution and torture of other student activists. They also objected the universities atmosphere besieged by the presence of the intelligentsia. They criticised the politics of both wings in the government and the under-achievements of the 9th parliament. They also expressed impatience with any direct or indirect interference of foreign governments.These students who are pro-equality and freedom, sanctioned the up-coming government imposed elections. Along with demanding equality for both genders, they announced solidarity with the labour movement.We, the students of Erbil university- Kurdistan, Iraq, have been notified that freedom and equality-seeker students of Iran have been detained without a verdict from Ministry of Justice (dastgahe ghazayee) and have been taken to the unit 209 run under the supervision of the ministry of intelligence in Evin prison. Peyman Piran, one of these students, has been tortured by his interrogation team. His face has been injured seriously, his nose is broken and he is bleeding internally. Behrooz Krimizadeh, Saeid Habibi and Mehdi Geryeloo are being tortured under inhumane conditions and have been deprived of sleep for days. Aabed Tavanche also has been beaten and injured by his interrogators. There are a number of students kidnapped from universities in various provinces such as Mazandaran. There is no news about female student detainees and the location of their captivity.We, students of Erbil University, Kurdistan, Iraq, are apprehensive about the arrested students in Iran and the attitude of the intelligence services authorities which are in contrasts with the international Human Rights agreements and international civil rights agreements and therefore we condemn the treatment of the student detainees by Iranian authorities. We are asking the government of Tehran to release the arrested students and end their families and friends as well as the whole nation’s disturbance over this issue.We demand the judicial system of Iran to preserve its independence; to try and do justice and refuse to order jail time for students who are seeking freedom, equality, and their human and civil rights in the most peaceful and lawful manner.

The name of detainees:Females:1-Anoosheh Azad’bar, 2-Ilnaz Jamshidi, 3-Nasim Soltan Beygi, 4-Mahsa Mohebi, 5-Sara Khademi,Males:1-Abed Tavanche, 2-Peyman Piran, 3-Saeed Habibi, 4-Behrooz Karimi Zadeh, 5-Mehdi Gerayelo, 6-Nader Ahsani, 7-Ali Salem, 8-Ali Kalaye, 9-Amir Mehrzad, 10-Younes Mir’Hosseynie, 11-Milad Omrani, 12-Sadra Pirhayatie, 13-Rozbeh SafShekan, 14-Saeed Agham Ali, 15-Rozbehan Amiri, 16-Keyvan Amiri Elyasi, 17-Amir Aghaye, 18-Farshid Farhadi Ahangaran, 19-Saae Agha Khani, 20-Okhtay Hossyenie, 21-Sorosh Hashem Pour, 22-Shovan Merikhi, 23-Reza Arab, 24-Mohamad Saleh Ayomen, 25-Sohrab Karimi, 26-Javad Alizadeh, 27-Farshad Doosty Pour, 28-Javad Alizadeh, 29-Majid Ashraf Nezhad, 30-Hamed Mohamadi, 31-Arash Pakzad, 32-Milad Moeini, 33-Behrang Zandi, 34-Hassan Moarefi, 35-Parsa Kermanjyan

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