Friday, December 21, 2007

Solidarity Declaration of the Socialist Students of England

To all concerned
We are writing to protest against the detention of Iranian student activists from December 2 and the repression of their political activities and. Demonstrations for “students day” were recently held in Iran by the Radical Leftist students of Iran at the University of Tehran. Repression of these activities began in the days leading up to the demonstration; many left activists were threatened by the government and were urged not to go ahead with this demonstrationWe have reports from Iranian student activists that students have been harassed, arrested and detained by the Iranian government for organising and protestingSocialist Students stands in solidarity with these student activists and actively supports their right to assemble, organize, and protest and utterly condemns the repression of the Iranian government. Socialist Students is a socialist organization with over 50 groups in universities and colleges across England and Wales we are linked through International Socialist Resistance to groups of students, youth and workers in countries such as Pakistan , Germany, Belgium , USA , Ireland and many more , we will be contacting our comrades in these countries to protest with us against these actions by the Iranian governmentSocialists, workers and youth across the world will be appalled and angered at brutal, repressive actions of the Iranian government and will be prepared to act in solidarity with those struggling against this repressionWe demand that the Iranian government immediately releases all activists who have been arrested and immediately ceases all harassment of political activists also that activists democratic rights to protest, organise, assemble and demonstrate are upheldYours SincerelyMatt Dobson Socialist Students National Organiser on behalf of Socialist Students

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